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FireWire 400 Cable 6pin to 4pin Male | Male IEEE1394, 1.8m

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6/4 pin FireWire Cable M/M
1.8 Meter

IEEE 1394 (also known as FireWire by Apple Inc. and as i.Link by Sony) is a type of connection for various platforms, for the input and output serial data at high speed. Typically it used for the interconnection of digital devices such as digital cameras and camcorders to computers. There are four versions 4, 6, 9 pin.
firewire cable
IEEE 1394
The format IEEE1394 cable is a cable format that can be called in two different ways Firewire: It is the most widespread and common name is the name that is associated with Apple. ILink is the name that is associated with Sony. This format of cable is used to connect multiple devices such as cameras, camcorders to PC or other devices with Firewire input. Exist 4 versions of 4-pin, 6-pin, 9-pin and 12-pin. Current Mind is a format that is not too used in today’s computers, as is being gradually replaced by the USB format
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