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Glorious Gaming Wrist Pad, Slim TENKEYLESS, GSW-87, Black

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Glorious Gaming Wrist Pad, Slim TENKEYLESS, Keyboard Wrist Rest, Stitched Edges, Ergonomic Design, 14×4 inches, GSW-87, Black
The best ergonomic wrist rest to pair up with your gaming or mechanical keyboard.

The Glorious Wrist Rests feature a foam core interior wrapped in a smooth cloth surface and reinforced with dual-lock stitched edges which provide a comfortable typing and gaming experience with your gaming mechanical keyboard.

Our unique surface allows you to comfortably glide your hands across the surface preventing any sort of irritation to the skin.


– Provides proper ergonomics while using your keyboard

– Dual lock stitched frame to prevent fraying of cloth surface and rubber base

– Anti-slip rubber base

– High-quality foam core interior which provides a MEDIUM level of firmness.

– Smooth cloth surface on top which is easy to clean, and provides a comfortable surface during extended use.

– Dual locked stitch edging preventing your wrist rest from fraying or breaking

– Anti-slip rubber base to prevent wrist rest from moving when using

– Comes in premium packaging.

– Perfect gift for any computer enthusiast/gamer.


Compact – 12x4in / 30x10cm

Ten keyless – 14x4in / 36x10cm

Full-Size – 17.5x4in / 43x10cm


13mm (Slim)


SKU: pck1542 Categories: , ,

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