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Glorious MODEL O 2 Wireless Gaming Mouse – Matte Black

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Vibrant RGB lighting
210-hour max battery life
Ultralight 68-gram weight
26,000 DPI BAMF 2.0 Sensor
Right-handed symmetrical shape
Crisp switches rated for 80M clicks
Hybrid 2.4 Ghz / Bluetooth wireless
Frictionless G-Skates mouse feet (100% PTFE)

Our legendary gaming mouse—enhanced in every way. Model O is a fusion of lightweight design and game-changing accuracy. Victory has never looked so good.

Blazing-Fast Sensor

Never miss a shot with pixel-perfect tracking and next-gen Motion Sync technology.

Aim with exceptional precision. Dominate the competition.

The BAMF 2.0’s 650 IPS tracking, 50G acceleration, and up to 26,000 DPI resolution ensure 1:1 accuracy while gaming.

Motion Sync enables you to achieve the most precise mouse tracking ever. Experience unmatched gaming accuracy with perfectly synced mouse and cursor movements. Simply switch it on using Glorious CORE.

For personalized performance, fine-tune the BAM 2.0’s polling rate, lift-off distance (LOD), and more via Glorious CORE

Enhanced Click Experience

Enjoy the crispiest clicks with satisfying tactility. This next-gen mouse is more durable and more reliable than ever before.

Unlike its predecessor, the Model O 2’s buttons are individual pieces with deeper grooves where your fingers rest. These separated buttons ensure each click is consistently crisp, no matter where you press on the visible area, allowing any grip style. Under the hood, we’ve included our custom Glorious Switches rated for 80 million clicks without double-clicking errors. Combined, these enhancements prevent pre- and post-travel for instant responsiveness in games where every millisecond counts.

3 Ways to Play

Easily toggle between blazing-fast, lag-free 2.4Ghz mode or Bluetooth 5.2 LE for maximum battery life and universal connectivity. Play while you charge with its ultra-flexible paracord cable.

Switch between modes depending on your needs.

Shift into 2.4 Ghz mode for a lag-free connection via the included receiver. This mode delivers blazing-fast performance with zero latency for competitive gameplay.

Toggle Bluetooth 5.2 LE mode for seamless pairing with phones, tablets, laptops, and other compatible devices. Perfect for gaming on-the-go or general productivity.

Ultralight Speed

So light, it elevates your gameplay. Experience effortless speed and unmatched control, so nothing stands in the way of victory.

A lower weight allows you to move, accelerate, and stop the mouse with more precision, making it easier than ever to track targets and hit your flicks.

The brand new BAMF 2.0 delivers pixel-precise tracking at a rapid speed of 650 IPS (Inches per second) up to 50G of acceleration with a max resolution of 26,000 DPI.

Combined, these features allow you to hit show- stopping shots faster and more consistently than ever before.

Built For Glory

Track more accurately. Hit more shots. Win more games. The Model O 2 has been redesigned to amplify your performance…

The new split-button design, paired with our custom Glorious Switches, prevents pre- and post-travel for peak responsiveness.

No matter where you press on the main buttons, your fingers will always be met with crisp tactility. Perfect for a wide-range of hand sizes and grip styles.

Frictionless G-Skates mouse feet made from 100% PTFE material deliver the smoothest glide possible across a variety of surfaces.

Its ultra-flexible Ascended Cable is made from a weightless paracord material for a near-wireless mouse experience.

Optimized Design

Our award-winning shape, enhanced for even greater control. Its textured surface provides stronger grip, and its premium build ensures optimal structural integrity.

Its low-profile body is perfect for claw and fingertip grip styles, providing exceptional control in fast-paced games where every shot counts.

Snappy side buttons are easily reachable with your thumb, while the mouse’s redesigned side walls prevent unwanted contact with the main buttons.

The Model O 2’s surface texture has been enhanced with a grippier coating, which feels premium to the touch while preventing hand slipping during intense moments.

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Model O 2 Dimensions

WEIGHT: 68 grams*
SWITCHES: Glorious Switches Rated for 80M Clicks
BATTERY LIFE: 110 hrs (2.4Ghz), 210 hrs (Bluetooth 5.2 LE)**
SENSOR: Glorious BAMF 2.0 Optical
MAX POLLING RATE: 1 ms (1000Hz) with Motion Sync
LIGHTING: 16.8 Million Color RGB
COMPATIBILITY: Windows, MacOS, Linux
TOTAL BUTTONS: 6 (Remappable)
FEET: 100% PTFE G-Skates
CHARGING CABLE: Ascended Cable (2 m / 6.5 ft)
RESOLUTION: 100 – 26,000 DPI
LIFT OFF DISTANCE (LOD): 1 mm – 2 mm
ON-BOARD STORAGE: 3 Custom Profiles
SOFTWARE: Glorious CORE (Optional)


1 × Model O 2 Wireless Gaming Mouse

1 × Wireless Receiver & Extender

1 × Ascended USB-A to USB-C Charging Cable (2 m / 6.5 ft)

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