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LIAN LI Uni SL-INFINITY PC Case RGB 120mm Fan White (1-Pack)

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Lian Li

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Includes Three PWM 120MM Fans
Customizable RGB Lighting
Fluid Dynamic Bearings
Infinity Mirror Design
Radiator Compatible
Daisy Chain Design
Fan Hub Included

4b23bdc8 4cf5 4f4c a990 0ef7cd39ea36 Infinity Mirror ARGB Fan

Introducing a new look to PC fans and a new level of installation simplicity and light effect customizability.

Infinity Mirror Fan

A combination of the original UNI FAN SL and AL with a touch of infinity mirror, the SL-Infinity fans glow clear with multi-layer effects from any visible angle

485be8bd f885 457e 8e4d 0354775b4efe Centered Infinity Mirror ARGB

The circular-shaped infinity mirror at the center of the fan is tuned to have multiple layers spaced 0.5mm apart.

Side Frame ARGB

Following the iconic angular lighting style of SL fans, the SL-Infinity fans have 2 thin LED strips on both sides of the fan blade

7d79607a 22a9 4450 af1f e146a3dc63ba Aluminum Trim Surrounded Infinity Mirror

Surrounding aluminum trims are located on both sides of the frame

Rear Rim of Led Around The Aluminum Logo

Inspired by AL fans, there is a bright ARGB rim of light around the LIAN LI logo at the rear

e729fef7 518b 4e5a 937e 836c1707975d Unprecedented Modularity

The 2nd generation of UNI FAN SL revisits the interlocking style that can connect up to 4 fans in a cluster and makes cable management simpler and improves compatibility with radiators fittings

Reversible Cable Module

The cable module is now placed at the center of the fan and can switch orientation to reduce clearance issues with the radiator inlet and outlet.

6c3e085b 15ff 433e a288 0a7d5006f7c9 Daisy Chain Fan

A pin-to-pad contact point passes the signal and power through the fan cluster.

Removable Keylock

The interlocking key on each fan is now removable to improve compatibility with radiators fittings.

7d6b15e0 24ae 48f2 9ada da4b7f0b877c Improved Performance

The SL-Infinity 120 features a 10% performance optimization compared to the SL120 which results in better airflow (61.3 CFM), higher static pressure (2.66 mmH2O), and a larger range of fan speed (0, 200 ~ 2100RPM) at lower noise levels (29 dB(A)).

SKU: PCK12676 Categories: , ,
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Lian Li

UF SLIN120 3W1111 medium