Orico Type-C to USB 3.0 Hub with 4 Type-A Ports, TC4U

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USB3.0 type-C port
Output: 4x type-A USB

Type-C USB3.0 hub with four type-A ports

Do you have a laptop or computer with only a type-C connection and would you like to connect various devices with USB type-A, then this type-C USB3.0 hub with four type-A ports is for you! By connecting this Orico product to your type-C connection, you can easily connect multiple USB type-A devices to the latest laptops and computers.

New USB3.0 type-C port

The traditional USB type A connector is slowly being replaced by the latest USB standard, namely the USB type-C connector. For example, the latest MacBooks already have this type-C connection. This makes the design slimmer.

5Gbps SuperSpeed

If you use the type-C USB3.0 hub with four type-A ports, you can achieve data speeds of up to 5Gbps. This is no less than ten times faster than the transfer speed with USB2.0.

Advanced VIA controller

The type-C USB3.0 hub with four type-A ports has a VIA controller. This is a mini processor that ensures that the ports do not become overloaded when used. The USB3.0 hub will function optimally through the VIA controller.


The Orico type-C USB3.0 hub is driverless compatible with Windows XP / 7/8, Windows Vista and Mac OS. They can be used in combination with type-C devices, including Xiaomi 4, the latest Nokia tablets, the latest MacBooks and other devices with a type-C connection. Does your smartphone have an OTG function? Then you can easily connect your smartphone to the U-disk and view various files, images and movies in HD.


The type-C hub with four type-A ports is well secured. Due to the multi-security system, no leakage current, overvoltage, short circuit and overheating will occur. The product is also made of heat-resistant ABS material. Connect multiple devices to the hub with peace of mind.

SKU: PCK11279 Categories: ,
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Product specifications:

✔ Input: type-C.
✔ Output: 4x type-A USB.
✔ Controller: Via-Labs VL812.
✔ Transfer rate: 5Gbps.
✔ Data cable: 15 cm USB3.0 cable.
✔ Compact.
✔ Compatible with Windows XP / 7/8, Windows Vista and Mac OS.
✔ Heat-resistant ABS material.
✔ Weight: 80g.
✔ Product dimensions: 98.5mm x 39mm x 15.5mm.