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Orico USB3.0 AM to AF 5Ft 1.5M Round USB Extension Cable, Male Female CER3, 1.5m

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Orico USB3.0 AM to AF 5Ft 1.5M Round USB Cable, USB 3.0 (male) to USB 3.0 (female) extension wire, PVC Coated, CER3

Use this handy USB 3.0 extension cable to prevent damage to your current Type-A ports of the laptop or computer or to create more room to move. Suitable for connecting, among other things, a keyboard, hard disk, USB stick, printer etc.

USB 3.0 (male) to USB 3.0 (female) extension cable

Every day, many peripherals are connected to a laptop or computer. Think of connecting a keyboard, mouse, printer, hard drive or smartphone. By connecting devices to the USB-A port of your laptop or computer very often, it is possible that after a certain time there will be damage to the Type-A port. Fortunately this USB 3.0 male to USB 3.0 female extension cable brings this to an end. You can now connect your peripherals via the extension cable, which ensures a longer life for your gates, but also for more room to move.

No damage to the USB 3.0 port
By no longer repeatedly using the type-A port of your computer but connecting the Orico extension cable once, many inconveniences can be saved. You can connect your printer, smartphone or other device via the extension cable, leaving the original port undamaged. This ensures a longer lifespan.

5Gbps Super Speed
Because the CER3 USB extension cable from Orico has USB 3.0 technology, a transfer speed of up to 5Gbps is possible. This is no less than 10 times faster than the transfer speed with USB 2.0!

Beautiful and qualitative design
The simple but beautiful design ensures that the extension cable is well positioned within any environment. The USB 3.0 extension cable from Orico is made of high quality materials, including PVC material. The wire core is equipped with double aluminum foil, which optimizes performance and ensures a stable transfer. The gold-plated connectors provide more durability.

Product specifications:
✔ USB 3.0 male to female extension cable.
✔ Prevents damage to port by repeated connection.
✔ 5Gbps SuperSpeed ​​data transfer.
✔ Connect peripherals such as a hard disk, USB stick, printer, keyboard, mouse, etc.
✔ Material: PVC material.
✔ Gold-plated connector.
✔ Superior wire core equipped with double aluminum foil.
✔ Compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac OS.
✔ No driver required.
✔ Length: 1.5 meters.
✔ Color: white.

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