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Table Desk Arm Rest Extension Ergonomic Rotatable Design, Black

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It has stability when using a mouse.
The cushion is our most affordable armrest.
The armrest is very light and easy to install.
colour: Black
Material: ABS
Size: 31.9 x 12 x 7cm

Ergonomic ergonomic design, can be rotated according to your requirements, can protect the wrist, high-quality, comfortable and durable
Reduce the pressure on the wrist, minimize the pressure on the muscles and tendons on the neck, arms and shoulders, and reduce static fatigue and fatigue
Provide perfect computer arm support for home or office, work or entertainment. It is a precious gift for parents, children, friends or anyone in your life
Behind its simplicity, the pad hides some useful tricks. It can be adjusted to the desired position, and when the forearm is placed on top, the pad will lock itself in place.
Evenly distribute weight-evenly distribute the weight of the entire forearm and elbow. The weight of the forearm is distributed over a larger area.

Package Contents:
1 x buckle
1 x screw
1 x tray

SKU: PCK11702 Categories: , ,