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TCL LINKHUB AC1200 Mesh WiFi Dual-Band Gigabit Router MS1G (3-Pack)

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Mesh Wi-Fi AC1200
Easy management
2.4GHz or 5GHz
MU-MIMO 2 x 2
Authorize Users

LINKHUB Mesh Wi-Fi AC1200 gives you a whole-home connection that’s customizable to your needs and effortless to set up. Experience an ultra-fast, reliable connection you can roam with and manage with ease.

Create a smarter connection with the LINKHUB Mesh Wi-Fi AC1200.
Make a network that’s suited to your needs with an instant set up and a connection that’s fast and reliable anywhere in your home.

Transform your home into a smart home by connecting multiple smart devices. Be the master of your domain with user authorization and a dedicated app for adjusting settings, parental controls, guest connections and more.

Whole-home Connection
Cover your home with the LINKHUB Mesh Wi-Fi AC1200 that provides up to 400 square meters with ultra-fast Wi-Fi with a set of three routers you can arrange flexibly based on your needs and home layout.
Effortless Instant Access
Start browsing, streaming or working instantly with LINKHUB Mesh Wi-Fi AC1200’s pre-pairing factory settings. Choose any unit to connect to Ethernet and all settings will automatically sync within the pack to make your life easy.
Seamless Roaming
Enjoy seamless roaming with one SSID for your entire LINKHUB Mesh Wi-Fi AC1200.
Its Fast Roaming function gives you an uninterrupted connection throughout the house, so you can finish up work in your office, move to the living room to play games and end the day streaming movies in bed smoothly.
Large-capacity Signal
Create a larger signal for your large home, hotel or small business using up to six LINKHUB Mesh Wi-Fi routers, with three mesh units supporting up to 90 simultaneous Wi-Fi users.
Easy management
Manage your network with ease using your mesh system’s dedicated app. Adjust basic settings including password and network access. Create a separate, secure Wi-Fi connection for guests. Schedule your children’s online time and website access with its parental controls.
Authorize Users
Authorize your family members to manage your home network
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Dimension: 103 x 103 x 100mm

Weight: 410g

LED indicators (System, Power, Mesh)


16MB Nor Flash

128MB DDR3 (Chip built in)


2.4GHz or 5GHz, MU-MiMo 2 x 2

Beam-forming supported

802.11 a/b/g/n/ac

2.4G up to 300Mbps, 5G up to 867Mbps

Supports up to 90 Wi-Fi users

Wireless coverage: 400m² indoors using the three-pack


External ports & antennas

WAN/LAN Port: 1 x 10/100/1000Mbps

LAN Port: 1 x 10/100/1000Mbps

DC power interface: 1 x 3.5mm (12V/1A)

Reset hole

Antennas: 2 x 3dBi internal antennas


Account management & authorization, fast roaming, Firmware-Over-The-Air updates, guest access, mirror backup & restore, parental controls, Smart Quality of Service for browsing & gaming, quick setup & node addition, WAN port detection


CE, IC, FCC, RoHS, Wi-Fi Alliance, REACH, WEEE