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Thermal Grizzly Hydronaut Thermal Paste, 26g

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Thermal Grizzly

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  • High efficiency
  • Effective heat transfer between processor and cooler
  • Non-electrically conductive
  • Also designed for water cooling
  • Silicone free
  • Ensures greater stability and service life of components

Thermal Grizzly heat transfer paste delivers high efficiency to ensure heat transfer between today’s powerful processors and heat sinks. In addition, Hydronaut paste can also be used in water cooling systems. It takes care of thermal conductivity, which will help you improve the stability of your entire system and also increase the life of the components.

SKU: PCK10251 Categories: , ,
Brand Name

Thermal Grizzly

  • Convenient 26.0 gram syringe, making this thermal paste very easy to apply
  • Delivers optimal heat transfer for larger-scale cooling systems, including water cooled systems
  • Silicon free: Lightweight, flexible and very easy to apply
  • Popular choice for overclockers and extreme gamers
  • Thermal conductivity 11.8 W/mk