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Ultimate Ears ROLL 2 Bluetooth Speaker – Volcano

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  • Big, bold, beautiful sound: Sound so loud you will have to shout to be heard; 15 percent louder than the original UE ROLL
  • Stretchy, attachable marine-grade bungee: Strap the speaker to your bike, backpack, kayak or wherever else you want to take your music
  • Waterproof: You can submerge UE ROLL 2 in water and it’ll be totally cool (Waterproof for up to 30 minutes and a depth of 1 meter)
  • Lighter than a can of soda: Ultra-portable and so light you will forget you are even carrying it.
  • Go farther: 100 ft. Bluetooth wireless range and 9 hr. rechargeable battery life go as long as you can 

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Waterproof. Shockproof.

Like, you can completely submerge it in water and it will be totally cool. Or you can bungee it to the front of your kayak as you go over a waterfall in a monsoon with tunes blasting. No problem. Needless to say, it’s just the right waterproof Bluetooth speaker for shower parties.

We understand the incredible importance of pool floats – that’s why every UE ROLL 2 comes with a free inflatable floatie. Now while you’re lounging on your giant inflatable unicorn, your UE ROLL 2 can float right beside you.

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Music everywhere

UE ROLL 2 is the 360-degree portable Bluetooth speaker that blasts loud, insanely great sound with deep, powerful bass. Everywhere you go.

Strap it to your bike, your board, your backpack or wherever else you want to take your music. It’ll still be there.

Lighter than a can of soda

Whether you’re biking, running trails or just going to the beach to drink fun drinks all day, you don’t want to carry a heavy speaker. Nobody does. UE ROLL 2 Bluetooth speaker weighs 330 g. That’s lighter than a can of soda. So light you’ll forget that you’re even carrying it.

Compatibility and wireless capabilities

Smartphone, tablet, any other device that supports Bluetooth wireless speaker audio profile (A2DP)– Grab it, connect it, rock it. No Bluetooth? No sweat, the 3.5 mm audio output has you covered.

Easy setup

4 buttons. That’s all it takes. Connection through Bluetooth or NFC is a breeze. With 100-feet / 30 metres Bluetooth wireless speaker system range, 9-hour rechargeable battery.

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